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and your potential customers with the quickest, most cost effective and productive form of marketing ever -
Text Message or SMS Marketing!

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This program is perfect for:

If you are a restaurant, real estate company, auto dealer or service business, this text message marketing program can be more effective than any other marketing program you have and in comparison, for pennies on the dollar. Think about your other marketing such as printed hand-out flyers, newspaper or other forms of advertisements or coupons. If 100 people have your flyer or see your advertisement how many on average read it? 20%? 40%? 60%? This program has a better than 90% open rate and almost everyone reads your message! No other marketing reaches 90% or better of its intended audience.

When you hand out coupons, what is the average return rate? 5%? 10%? 20%? Most of our customers tell us that traditionally the return rate for them on coupons is around 5% - and that is the industry standard. That means 5 coupons for every 100 you give out. With this program the average coupon return is generally 5 times better than traditional coupon programs or around 25 for every 100! 

(According to the Journal of Targeting, Measurement and Analysis for Marketing Vol. 13 and Direct Marketing Associations (DMA) Statistical Fact Book the return rate for direct mail is about 4%, newspaper coupons is about 5% and email less than 3%.) 

Text Message marketing, on the other hand, has an average 31% redemption rate which is significantly higher than any other traditional marketing program! And when you consider the low $59 monthly cost you can hardly afford NOT to use this program!

Why you should have a text message marketing program for your business:

1. Mobile text message marketing is the lowest cost form of marketing available on the planet with the highest potential for return
2. 90 percent of consumers who have joined mobile loyalty programs feel they have gained value from them (Source: Zoomerrang)
3. Nearly two-thirds of consumers subscribed to text message marketing say that they made a purchase as a result of receiving a highly relevant mobile message. (Source: Responsys)
4. Mobile offers are redeemed 10x more frequently than print offers. (Source: eMarketer)

When you know the facts, a mobile text message marketing program should be a no-brainer for your business! 

The eTextco text message marketing program at $59 monthly (no monthly contracts or commitments required)
offers the most services at the lowest cost of any text message marketing program available today.

We are the best text message marketing program for your business, hands down!

Easy to operate and loaded with features for one low monthly price.
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Text Message Marketing (SMS Marketing)

Text Message Marketing is the Quickest, Most Effective Form of Marketing Today
and eTEXTco makes it Simple and Affordable starting at only $49 monthly
eTEXTco Text Message Marketing

Spend Pennies On The Dollar with Faster Results Compared To Conventional Marketing

For a fraction of the cost of conventional marketing programs engage your customers with loyalty program offers, rewards programs, rewards program updates, product announcements and custom discount coupons which bring them back faster than any other medium.

Text Message Marketing Is Less Expensive & More Effective Than All Other Traditional Marketing Programs Combined

Easily measurable and delivers unbeatable ROI (Return On Investment). 90% (or better) average open rate and a coupon use 5 times higher than traditional methods means better returns than all other forms of traditional marketing– and at a fraction of the cost of those other marketing programs.

Plans and Pricing
text message marketing has 5 times higher coupon open rate

Custom Dashboard

Browser based dashboard to customize and operate your program. Easy to use, simple to operate.

Feature Loaded

Choose from a variety of program features all included for one low cost – more than any other program on the market today.

Inexpensive and Easy

Compare our low price $49 monthly price. (There is no comparison). Our program is inexpensive and easy to operate.


Access a variety of program metrics to track open rates, customer response and more. See without a doubt your return on investment. 

And as if that’s not enough 6 key reasons why you should have text message marketing:

1. Build a list
The list is very valuable. This is your database of customers and potential customers that have agreed to receive text message marketing from you and have joined your loyalty program. As the list grows so does your ability to generate immediate response. For example, restaurants have been very successful at sending an occasional message the day before or day of a slow night. Say Mondays is normally slow they’ll send a text message of a special coupon such as a free appetizer with Monday night’s dinner or buy one get one free and pack their restaurant on a normally slow night.

2. Send Additional Promo
As your list grows and you use wisely the ability to instantly send a marketing message to your list (the first rule of good text message marketing is not to over send messages to your list. Generally 1-4 messages a month is good. You don’t want your list to tire of seeing or hearing you. The second rule is that any time you do send a message it needs to offer value to the receiver.) The ability to send promo that is almost instantly read and can spur immediate or fast response from people on your list is the most valuable form of marketing on the planet!

3. Build Loyalty

Customer loyalty is as valuable as gold to your business. Loyal customers are repeat customers. In addition, used correctly, you can tap into your customers friends and circles with carefully crafted campaigns that reward loyal customers and encourage referral of the business and bring in even more new business. 

4. Technologically Innovated
We live in a modern, technological world. Where everyone has a smart phone, a computer and in massive numbers (like Facebook) are communicating socially via the internet. The number one action the average consumer uses their smart phone for is text messaging. Not phone calls, not internet search, but text messaging. The eTEXTco text message marketing program is technologically innovative to your customer or potential customer because it speaks using a language and style which is socially acceptable in the modern world. With a KIOSK for example, the customer has a digital loyalty program with a virtual punch card. This is more innovative and technologically professional to the customer than a traditional punch card. And this creates a stronger loyalty because customers or clients don’t lose their card. All you need for the kiosk is a small, inexpensive tablet and for under one hundred dollars, a floor or tabletop stand for it and your KIOSK is ready. And when you consider the $49 monthly eTEXTco service, it is very inexpensive to setup and operate your text message marketing program.

5. Auto Reminders
System can intelligently remind customers that haven't shown up in awhile and generate repeat business. For example, “We haven’t seen you in awhile, we’ve missed you – here is a special offer just for you, valid for a week. Come back and see us!” has been an effective style of message to send and generate fast returns from customers you haven't seen in awhile. The eTEXTco system can be scheduled to send this special message and offer to a customer that hasn’t had a punch on their virtual loyalty card in say, 3-5 weeks and subsequently generate repeat business.

6. Start in Minutes
You can launch a campaign within minutes and with the traditionally high read rates and responses achieve faster results than any other type of marketing medium.
Plans and Pricing

Plans & Pricing

No risk, 30-day money back guarantee! Or try the DEMO, no credit card required
Limited Time Offer: 
Sign up for 6 months on the Basic Plan, receive one month FREE!
Sign up for 1 year on the Basic Plan - receive two months FREE!
Unlimited FREE Keywords on every plan!


$59 /month*
Unlimited free keywords*
1250 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan


$89 /month
Unlimited free keywords*
2500 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Professional Plus SEO

$199 /month (plus one-time $379 setup fee)
Unlimited Free Keywords*
4000 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program

Local SEO Program
Choose Plan
All Plans Include our full suite of services such as:

-Mobile Coupons
-Social Plugins
-Kiosk Builder
-Loyalty Program
-Email Integration
-Appointment Setter
-Text To Screen System
-Text To Win System
-Real Estate Marketing System
-Car Dealership Marketing System
Mobile Poll Creator Program
-Questionnaire Program
-QR Codes Generator
-Automated Happy Birthday
-Comprehensive Auto-Responder

Toll Free Texting

$89 /month*
(Plus one-time $395 setup fee)
1750 SMS Credits
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Basic Texting with MMS

$99 /month
(Plus one-time $295 setup fee)
Unlimited free keywords*
1250 SMS Credits
500 MMS Credits
(additional MMS credits 7.5 cents each)
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan

Dedicated Shortcode

$495/month (plus one-time $2750 setup fee)
5000 (initial) SMS Credits
Additional SMS Credits
.0375 each (minimum 5000)
(call for additional quantity discounts)
Mobile Coupons
Social Plugins
Kiosk Builder
Loyalty Program
Choose Plan
Toll Free Texting lets you use your toll free number to also send and receive text messages and provides the ability to have unlimited keywords and any keyword of your choice.

Basic Texting with MMS lets you send pictures, video or audio content with your text message.

A dedicated shortcode means your shortcode is not shared with anyone else. This means you have a unique shortcode for branding purposes and also that you can have unlimited keywords and any keyword of your choice.
Why eTEXTco? There are plenty of text message marketing companies to choose from. And the majority of them provide similar features. Beside the fact that eTEXTco provides the most features for one of the lowest prices in the industry there is another difference that sets us apart. At eTEXTco our goal is to help you be successful. We have almost 20 years of successful online marketing experience. We don't just leave you to figure it out. We offer our experience and high level of service as well as our product. We provide you a quick start formula to help you get your program going quickly. We offer low cost marketing and management programs to help you leverage your text message marketing program and use our expertise and marketing knowledge to help you develop a successful program quickly. And we're here for you each step of the way.
Plans are month to month, (basic plan is paid quarterly) no contract required. ALL of our plans include the entire suite of text message marketing features. Compare our low monthly rate against any other service out there which you will find not only charges you more for their monthly service but then upsells you to have additional features. Not eTEXTco! The only difference between our plans is the number of text messages you can send, vanity keywords you can create and whether a basic search engine marketing plan is included.
*$49 monthly program Has 3 month minimum and is paid quarterly (or choose annual plan for additional savings)
30 Day Money Back Guarantee starts from day of first payment. 
Guarantee does not include any text message credits used which will be deducted from account at .07 each.
Guarantee does not apply to dedicated short-code setup or individual setup fees as applicable.
About free keywords: 
You can have the keyword of your choice, reserved only for your use IF it is not already in use. Popular keywords like "pizza" are usually already taken. This is the only caveat of having a shared short-code.
There is a distinct advantage however, in using the eTEXTco platform. We provide you with 2 shared short-codes.
This makes it easier to find the right keywords you can use for your campaigns.
If it is not available on one of the short-codes, often it is on the other.
If you want to have any keyword you choose then you must have your on dedicated short-code which
we can offer at a considerable discount to most providers, however, it is still more expensive than using a shared short-code.
We can assist you in finding the right keywords to use for your campaigns and help you set up a profitable campaign.
Please call us at 1-866-622-5710 for questions or to order
Note About Our Plans: ALL of our plans include ALL program features! No tricky up-sells after you get started with our service! Unlike all other programs by our competitors we do not charge you extra to “unlock” additional features. Our BASIC Plan for only $49 monthly will serve most businesses and virtually all small businesses. Compared against any other plan on the market you will see our service at $49 monthly is loaded with features you won’t find in other programs at three times the price. The only difference between plans is the number of monthly text messages you can send (text credits) (or as in the case of the Deluxe Plan- the inclusion of monthly SEO services). And our $49 plan provides a generous number of text message credits that in our experience is more than you will need. (And if you ever do need more we can offer you additional text message credits for nominal fees without having to upgrade your plan). Compare us with any other service of this kind and the choice is clear.
What are “Keywords”
Keywords are the campaign keyword you will use when you run a text message marketing campaign. For example  you make a campaign for people to “Text “Special” (Special is the keyword) to "77777” (77777 is the shortcode (not actual shortcode used for illustrative purposes) in order to sign up or receive your offer. You decide what keyword you want to use for your campaign and it is locked so no one else in our system can use that same keyword for as long as you retain it. That keyword tells our system where your customer belongs. Most text message marketing companies charge a monthly fee for keywords, we include unlimited keywords* for each plan and you can change them at anytime for free. *Note that the short-code is a shared short-code. This means any keyword already reserved cannot be chosen by another advertiser. So for example if you sell Pizza you can figure it is already taken. But if you are "Joe's Pizza" you have a better chance of reserving a keyword such as "joespizza". (With the Toll Free Texting plan or Dedicated Short-code plan you don't have this limitation since that is not a shared environment). In addition, as a bonus, we offer two short-codes included in every plan. This is a feature most companies don't provide. This means for example, if "joespizza" isn't available on one of the short codes, most often it will be on the other. So you would simply select that short-code when you create your campaign and you've now locked in "joespizza" for as long as you like, if not forever.

How does the money back guarantee work?
No fine print, use the service for a month and decide to cancel we refund your payment (minus .07  for each text message you send which is to avoid people abusing our guarantee to run 30 day marketing programs then cancelling).

What About eTextco?

eTEXTco is the Text Message Marketing division of Adtastic Hosting, LLC. Formed in 1998, Adtastic is an Arkansas based company located in Greers Ferry Arkansas next to the 40,000 acre Greers Ferry Lake. The company was founded because the owner, already a prolific internet marketer was constantly being asked for internet marketing help from friends, family and peers and one day someone said “You should be doing this for a living.” The company was born on that day and its values hold true still today - to offer marketing programs for small businesses that are extremely affordable, totally comprehensive and measurably effective. Adtastic specializes in Internet Marketing programs that help small businesses compete effectively against big corporations.

What People Say About Us

“My business has seen a steady growth all due to their expertise. My website they built is nicer than my old one ever was and I have had tons of compliments on it. Adtastic definitely does more than they promise and delivers on everything they say. Outstanding!!!”
Rick Smolicz, RS Custom Builders, LLC

“I am very happy with the results. Your search engine marketing service for my website has been the best!” 
– Dr. Weiner

“...Your company has gone out of its way to make certain my internet business is operating as well as possible and every concern has been addressed in a timely manner.... I want you to know that I am extremely satisfied with your services."
– L. Christopher

Questions? Call us 1-866-622-5710